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Jeff Bezos becomes first person ever with $200Bn worth

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Jeff Bezos, Founder & CEO Amazon is now become the first person on earth whose net worth is now more than $200Bn, according to Forbes & Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

So far, the net worth of Jeff raised by $4.9 billion after Amazon stock went 2% of increase on Wednesday afternoon, Forbes. However, his nearly 11% stake in Amazon makes up over 90% of his massive fortune.

Jeff own aerospace company Blue Origin as well (Washington Post & other private investments)

During Covid-19 Pandemic situation, the e-commerce giant saw huge gap in demands for its services.

From the beginning of 2020, almost 80% increase been observed in Amazon stock, said the Forbes report, adding that Bezos’ net worth on January 1 was hardly $115 billion.

Forbes mentioned that Bezos become worth of $204.6 billion by Wednesday and the Bloomberg Billionaires Index currently puts his networth at $202 billion.

The closest person to Jeff Bezos is now the co-founder of Microsoft Bill Gates whose current net worth is $116.1 billion according to Forbes, while the Bloomberg Billionairs Index put his net worth of $124 billion.

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